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Pressflow 6.26 released

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ver 6.47 LTS

Pressflow 6.26 has been released. Download it via Github.

Includes changes from Drupal 6.26 (Read the full release notes)

  • #1145700 by jbrown, mr.baileys, joachim: harden link display on dblogoverview screen in case the link might be dependent on user input with any contrib module
  • #183435 by TR, gregmac: make drupal_http_request() more tolerant of faulty newlines in the response headers
  • #341588 by voxpelli, mikl, Albert Volkman, dawehner: use the right JSON MIME type in drupal_json()
  • #1352272 by Albert Volkman, sven.lauer, LSU_JBob: fix phpdoc for system_settings_overview()
  • #260934 by catch, ShawnClark, Jody Lynn, Island Usurper, joshmiller, anrikun, roychri, pdrake, Dave Cohen, sun, plach, bjaspan: When drupal_execute()ing multiple forms with same form_id in a page request, only the first one was validated.
  • #784864 by Niklas Fiekas, kbgordon7, rdrh555, lisarex: Link in update.php instructions was pointing to an outdated handbook page. Update it.
  • #655048 by Gábor Hojtsy, gumanist, intuited, Albert Volkman: Plural formula information was blanked when importing a poorly-formed .po file.
  • #751578 by xamanu, sanduhrs, Gábor Hojtsy: OpenID realm should not be language dependent.
  • #800968 by JacobSingh, ksenzee, Big Z: Tabledrag.js should not use for...in to iterate over an array.
  • #1446372 by Heine, bserem, champlin: Invalid Unicode code range in PREG_CLASS_UNICODE_WORD_BOUNDARY fails with PCRE 8.30.
  • #736556 by Albert Volkman, daniels220, jeckman: Improve theme_links() documentation.
  • #300279 by achton, pillarsdotnet, unknownguy: Improve db_query_temporary() documentation to apply even if persistent database connections are used.
  • #1441852 by chris.leversuch, cafuego: Better return value documentation for db_query().
  • #1436074 by Pat Redmond, tstoeckler, fureigh: Minor documentation fix in the batch_set() docs.
  • #1432708 by scorchio, mkalkbrenner: Expand drupal_goto() documentation for query argument.
  • #1416212 by pontus_nilsson, ibot: Documentation cleanup for _user_mail_notify().
  • #1421330 by Albert Volkman, heyrocker: Crosslink cache_set() and cache_get() documentation with @see.